Empowering teachers and students for a brighter future. 


Our Mission

Since our founding in 1986, the Lebanese Ladies Cultural Society has aimed to provide educational scholarships to deserving young students in all areas of Lebanon and sponsor charitable activities in the United States.The LLCS seeks to promote a positive image of Lebanon and the Lebanese culture in America, as well as foster a spirit of loyalty and sisterhood among members of the organization and the community at large.Marking over thirty years of service, the LLCS pledges to keep its commitment to enrich the lives of our students with hope and opportunity through education. To date we have awarded over 14,000 scholarships totaling over $4 million. We believe that education is a necessary foundation for building a better life. It is the best investment that one can make for the development of the individual and society. Our motto is “Fulfill a Child’s Dream Through Education”

The Lebanese Ladies Cultural Society is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian tax exempt organization.


a gift that lasts a lifetime